I’ll guide you through this process, each step at a time.

I pride myself in always providing the best of the best experience for my clients before, during, and after the capturing of their memories through getting to know them as a person, instead of just another client. Making connections is important to me, so let's get to know each other through the process of remembering your "why" for days, months, years, and centuries.

"Office Hours":

Emails, Contracts, Editing, timeline planning

M-F : 9am-5pm

Sat and Sun: OFF/Limited

Sessions and Weddings:

Sessions, Weddings, and Elopements can be scheduled any day of the week/weekend when there is availabilty. Times for sessions are dependent on outdoor conditions (harsh sun, weather) and will typically be scheduled in the mornings or early evenings unless if there is a certain circumstance (in-home, studio).

Your Magic Captured: 101

Things to look at, understand, and make sure of when booking your photographer.

What is my style?

Understanding your style preference versus a photographer's style is huge when booking the right one for you.

+ Are you a traditional, true to color, and timeless person?

+ Do you like a moodier and darker style or a happy and joyous one?

+ Vintage, film-like, and warm?

Every photographer has their own individual style that sets them apart from the rest including their editing style, photo taking styles, and even their branding. Every photographer, near and far, showcase their style through portfolios, social media profiles, and client galleries. If you're unsure about if you and a photographer's styles align, we are more than happy to point you in the direction of another photographer who may align. We won't be offended, it is okay! Don't be afraid to compare and ask for a referral. We are picky people too who want every detail to be perfect, especially if it was our memories! It's your memories and your magic!

How much will it cost? Are there any additional fees?

Courtney Broska Photography offers a plethora of packages to best fit each potential client's desires. The Wildflower Guide, the official pricing guide for CBP, takes you through the prices and details of each package offered.

If you do not see a package that best fits you or are worried about the money amount, please feel free to reach out. Courtney is willing to accommodate your needs with a customized package just for you, a payment plan, or other as everyone deserves to capture their magic for eternity. People will pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for a luxury brand purse, but bat an eye at a package price. Preserve your memories when you can, the bag will be there forever-- this time will not be.

The only additional payments made would be for physical prints or other items. Courtney Broska Photography does not charge extra for more images over "x" amount and delivers the full gallery to you.

What is involved in a contract?

The primary outlines in Courtney Broska Photography's contract are as follows.

Payment Policy: Non-refundable deposits and payment deadlines.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: Refundable vs. non-refundable, deadlines for cancellation and rescheduling notices.

Illness Claus: Rescheduling due to illness, Covid-19, etc.

Communication Policy: Request of changing locations and times/day, outfits, if you are in need of your images by a certain date

Travel Policy: As stated in The Wildflower Guide, it is extra for travel if over 40 miles roundtrip from CBP's primary location.

Copyright and Licensing Notice: Permission for specific use of images and printing, downloading your gallery within 90 days of receiving your gallery, sharing images on social media with credit of Courtney Broska Photography.

Delivery of Images: Images will be delivered via Pixieset, no RAW/unedited images will be requested nor given as they are a misrepresentation for the chosen goods and services.

What is included in a gallery?

The amount of images included in the gallery you will receive is dependent on the package chosen and the duration of your session or special day. The more outfits, location, and time that we have depicts how many more images will be given over the guaranteed amount, which I always tend to go over anyways because I give my best to my special friends like you :)

The images are artistically edited and include spot-editing to display the magic within your memories.

the process.

01. why should I book?

Whether it is a session or your big day, every moment in life is special-- no matter how little or small it may seem to you. However, when it comes to capturing time and keeping it still forever through a photograph, the moment will always be remembered. Choosing the photographer that fits all your checkpoints of a best friend will always be the right fit for you.

02. i want to book, but how do i?

Yay!! You're ready to preserve your special moments, let's do this!! Either fill out the contact form on this website or email Courtney Broska Photography to get started.

03. i sent my inquiry! what's next?

You will receive a message back from Courtney within three days of your inquiry. Next, you'll meet your new best friend and talk all things location, time, and maybe even your story. During this process, you will also provide your email address for the contract and invoice. Your session and/or wedding is not booked until the contract is signed and the deposit is paid.

04. i have an idea for a location or two and time, but also may need suggestions. can you help me?

Of course!! Picking the right-fitting location and time/time of year for your session, especially your wedding day, is vital in making the experience even more memorable during the session and through the images. Don't ever feel like a location that is special to you, most importantly your story, will not look 'photo ready'. Your home is your home, your first date spot was the start of your journey; don't ever overthink it.

what’s next?

the planning

Upon receiving your inquiry, I'll be doing a happy dance. I'll reach out via your preferred way of communication to get the planning process started. This is where we coordinate times, location, final pricing, etc.

step 01

the memories

The day is finally here!! Prepare to make lots of memories as I capture them for you. This is the day your remainder payment is due! Let's do this!

step 02

the forever

Happy Gallery Delivery Day! It's time to see your forever memories. You can save to phone and computer as well as order prints that will be shipped to your home. I'm so excited for you!

step 03


I. Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

Travel expenses are additional to wedding and session packages. If the session or wedding's location is over 40 miles roundtrip from my base location, and in driving distance, it will be calculated per mile. If airfare travel and/or lodging is to be accounted for, that will also be calculated additionally and not included.

II. I want to include my dog or cat in my session, could I do that?

Well duh-- OF COURSE YOU CAN!! Not only am I a lover of all of my beautiful human clients, but I also have a tremendous love for my furry friends that come along to sessions too. This is to be communicated with me first, of course, if you are bringing them along. :)

III. Instead of a studio or outdoor location, I would rather do my photos in my home or backyard. is that something you offer?

Yes it is!! I would love to capture your most authentic, candid moments and it is what I strive to do for each client. If you are willing and feel that you, your child(ren), or your boo would be more comfortable in your own space-- let's do it! All I need is a well-lit room/window space and a whole lotta love.

IV. How long does it take to receive my photos after my session or wedding?

For sessions, the turnaround time is at maximum 4 weeks. For weddings, each couple is guaranteed to receive their images at maximum three months after their wedding date. If there is a need for the images before a certain date or time, that is to be communicated before the session to plan accordingly with the editing of your sessions, other sessions, and possible rush fees depending on the time of year.

Are you ready for the magic show? Let’s punch your ticket!

Since 2020, I have been capturing life's little moments for families, couples, and everyone in between-- how about we capture yours too?

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"Office Hours":

Emails, Contracts, Editing, timeline planning

M-F : 9am-5pm

Sat and Sun: OFF/Limited

Sessions and Weddings:

Sessions, Weddings, and Elopements can be scheduled any day of the week/weekend when there is availabilty. Times for sessions are dependent on outdoor conditions (harsh sun, weather) and will typically be scheduled in the mornings or early evenings unless if there is a certain circumstance (in-home, studio).