The Story of Courtney Broska Photography

To start out, let's just say Courtney Broska Photography was like Apple. Started in a garage (a bedroom in this case), with a large dream, and by a young entrepreneur wanting to change lives for the better. From a young age, as long as I can remember honestly, I've always wanted to be a photographer and so much so that I presented about it, yes a full presentation, to my eighth grade English class as everyone else presented on becoming a neurosurgeon or some occupation that made crazy a$$ money, but also puts you into large debt which I am not interested in.

So, that summer after eighth grade in August of 2019, I created an account on Instagram for fun and to showcase my love for photography to my friends. The grind didn't stop, however. I was posting or creating content nearly every day as my passion grew stronger as I thought "maybe I could actually get somewhere with this"... and then the pandemic hit in March of 2020 (this statement is fully self-explanatory). I was trying to think of ways to stay safe, but still have fun, during isolation and photography was just that. My mom and I would drive around the city or surrounding areas of Buffalo, me in the passenger seat of course, as I took pictures of the phenomenal city skylines and gems of the "City of Good Neighbors". I remember telling myself "I'll never be a portrait photographer, I only want to work by myself"... and girl was I WRONG.

During this time, that "for fun" mentality turned into a "wow, people with other photography accounts are noticing me", then into "oh wait now I'm the one being featured", and finally to, "wait, I can actually make a career off of this". I booked my first paid portrait session, a newborn/sibling session in July of 2020 (masked of course) and started taking on more and more portrait sessions into that Fall through Winter. In February of 2021, that Winter, I had my first wedding which then made me realize how much fun it was to be involved in someone's story and special day. Fast forward to July 30, 2021, nearly two years after creating CBP, I registered my business officially at the age of sixteen and 'Courtney Broska Photography' became officially, official. Did I expect myself to get this far, this soon? No. Did I think I would be where I am in my teens instead of when I'm in my twenties or thirties? Yes. But it proves that if you put your mind and heart to something, the possibilities are endless.

My Favorite Things


1) Friends & Family.

2) The Office.

3) Rainbows & Sunshine.

4) Pastel colors.

5) Furry animals (slithers are a no no)

6) Taylor Swift.

7) Disney & Pixar.

8) My hometown & Buffalo, NY.

9) Traveling & meeting new people.

10) Chasing golden hour & dreams.

featured in

Retro Lovely Magazine

iDance Magazine

DENT Model Magazine

The Senior Wave

Visit Buffalo Niagara

Step Out Buffalo

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

100 Year Celebration

Buffalo Child Magazine

courtney's "this or that":

blue cheese or ranch?

BLUE CHEESE. Honestly, I think it would be a disgrace to Buffalo if I didn't like it on my wings and pizza?

flats or drums?

Another Buffalo based question but one that in my opinion is highly necessary. Flats are better than drums, period. Josh Allen even said it himself. Good night.

summer or winter?

Summer because I get to do more of what I love (photography) while traveling to different beaches, parking garages, and areas I have never been before. I also love that during the Summer, there is a lot more down time and sunlight so I feel more productive. Plus, quite frankly, I do not mess with the over 5' snowstorms... no thank you!

road trip or stay at home?

Definitely road trip! I love all aspects of travelling, especially being on the road because you can stop and see so much on the way to your destination. Going on drives, either short or long and especially during the summer months, are very relaxing to me and I simply just love to explore while learning new things and gaining new experiences.

Jim + Pam or Michael + Jan?

You see here, if you're a true 'The Office' fan or know me well enough, everyone wants the love story and connection like Jim and Pam-- it is pretty self-explanatory. I personally would not want my significant other ruining my new plasma TV with a candle and would rather be gifted a teapot with inside jokes so... I rest my case.

Dino chicken nuggets or regular?

I can't believe that this is even a question... rawr.

Josh Allen or Josh Allen?

King. I could never choose someone other than Josh Allen. His smile makes me smile and definitely tricks my brain into thinking we're in a secret relationship (big sorry to my boyfriend, sorry babe I love you). I think I blame my obsession on not only his athletic ability, but the Buffalo Bills' social media team.

Are you ready for the magic show? Let’s punch your ticket!

Since 2020, I have been capturing life's little moments for families, couples, and everyone in between-- how about we capture yours too?

Contact Me

"Office Hours":

Emails, Contracts, Editing, timeline planning

M-F : 9am-5pm

Sat and Sun: OFF/Limited

Sessions and Weddings:

Sessions, Weddings, and Elopements can be scheduled any day of the week/weekend when there is availabilty. Times for sessions are dependent on outdoor conditions (harsh sun, weather) and will typically be scheduled in the mornings or early evenings unless if there is a certain circumstance (in-home, studio).